It’s great to see you around here !

Hi! My name is João Kleber (but you can call me JK), I’m 29 years old and I work with User Interface Design here in São Paulo, Brazil.

With a huge background of 9 years of front-end development and web design, I’ve been developing solutions - coding and design - for my clients on digital spectrum of e-commerces; websites; online portals and magazines, focusing on the best way to comunicate brand’s language and values to their users.

Recently I’ve been working on self projects for mobile and smartwatch apps, using ideas and disciplines of User Experience and User Interface Design, focusing on ideate and attack current problems of a market niche or isolated problem between people on using a product. Some of these projects - and some previous works - you can check here.

I’m also looking for a great company to work with to grow my knowledge and aggregate my vision and experience to improve its solutions and products. So if you need and Designer for your company or have a exciting project that need a good user-focused Design and language, you can contact me on my LinkedIn, Behance, Dribbble, Skype and email.

This is my cool photo smiling and with glasses.
João Kleber Figueira dos Santos
Mogi das Cruzes , São Paulo , 08760080 Brazil
designer, web designer, user interface, front-end, SEO

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